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Professional Services: Managed Services

Managed Services

One Single Contact:
Design, Engineer, Install, Service

The SVT Managed Services Program (MSP) encompasses total responsibility over the design, specification, installation, certification, training and support of technology systems. This includes audio (background music, foreground music and performance/stage systems), video (production, digital signage, in-suite hotel systems and sports programming), surveillance, command centers and access control.

The Benefits of the Managed Service Program are:

  • Minimal or no capital requirements
  • A capable organization to assist developing your technology plans
  • A single organization with total technical and implementation responsibility
  • A program guaranteed to meet your technology budget
  • A combined business and technology program
  • Strong Engineering and Project Management staff with many successful projects
  • An excellent support organization to make the total program work for you
  • Our staff becomes your staff

To learn more about how the SVT Managed Services Program could help you reach your technology goals, contact a SVT representative today.


Managed Service Model


Managed Service Benefits