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Professional Solutions: Telepresence & Conferencing

Telepresence & Conferencing


At SVT, we understand the importance of communication and how it attributes to your company's success. Whether you're a small business operating within the same office complex, or a multi-location business collaborating across the country, it is crucial to have an efficient system of communication. If you're looking to improve the efficiency of your organization, SVT can provide the very best in collaboration technologies.

Telepresence and Video conferencing allow companies to do business without disrupting the flow of communication. Not only does this result in more productive meetings, but it also poses less of a financial burden on the company. No longer are geographical barriers a burden on the way you do business.

At SVT, we can determine which systems are right for you; from desktop collaboration units, to complex work spaces, meeting rooms, and training facilities. SVT can help you take your interaction and collaboration to the next level with our TelePresence and Videoconferencing solutions.

SVT is a Cisco TelePresence Authorized Technology Partner and we have been successfully integrating many conferencing products into our customers systems for years. Whether you are looking to implement desktop video conferencing, outfit an executive conference room or deploy an immersive TelePresence suite, our team of engineers can help you deploy the best system according to your needs and budget.

If you are an enterprise customer looking to scale to multiple sites, we can help you choose the best in multi-point conferencing, call scheduling and call control. Our engineers have experience deploying enterprise grade systems that help you to reduce your travel budget and increase employee collaboration. Ask us today how you can go green with SVT and Telepresence!

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